Trenchless Sewer Line Repair and Replacement requires very minimally invasive excavation in your yard, driveway, patio, sidewalk, fencing, etc. and this is beneficial for the surrounding landscapes. Trenchless technology allows you to replace or repair hundreds of feet of sewer line entirely underground and eliminates the need to damage the landscaping, remove trees and shrubbery, excavate the ground above the sewer line, or demolish structures that lie in the path of the sewer line that requires replacing. Minimal excavation is required (just two hole at each end of the sewer line).

Trenchless technology is rapidly becoming the preferred method of repairing aging, damaged underground sewer lines for homeowners, businesses, municipalities, and industrial properties throughout the United States.

If you need trenchless sewer line repairs call X-Pipe Industries, Denver’s trenchless sewer repair and replacement experts! We offer a free estimate and consultation. Our sewer repair plumbers have the experience, training, and licenses necessary to ensure your new sewer line in Denver goes in with no problems and minimal external damage to your home landscaping.


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