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X-Pipe Industries is your expert Trenchless Sewer Repair contractor in Denver. Clogged sewer lines can cause major problems, but a broken sewer line can easily become a disaster. Traditional sewer line repair involves heaving digging equipment and results in damage to the lawn, landscaping, patios, driveways, sidewalks, fences and other structures. Trenchless sewer line repair allows you to get the job done without any major damage being done to the landscaping and other areas of your home or business. Most broken sewer lines can be fixed using trenchless repair techniques, and it is something to consider for your sewer line repair or replacement. HOW DOES TRENCHLESS WORK?

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Trenchless Sewer Repair – Why It’s Better

No Major Excavation Needed

With new trenchless sewer repair technology available to homeowners, businesses, and municipalities today, the process is completed from two small access points which means no digging is required and your yard, walkways, porches, and driveways, stay intact.

Saves Time

Most trenchless sewer repairs and replacements can be completed in a single day. The benefit for the customer is that there are no big piles of dirt around your property for a week, no large excavation equipment, or deep trenches that could be a safety issue for your family or employees.

Saves Money

Collateral expenses that accompany traditional sewer excavation projects such as re-landscaping your yard, re-building patios and porches, walkways, driveways, or fencing that lie in the path or your existing sewer line, trenchless sewer repair is substantially cheaper.

Trenchless Pipes Are Strong, Durable and Seamless

Seams and joints in existing sewer lines are susceptible to leaking, corroding, and allow root infestation to occur more easily. Trenchless sewer repair utilizes seamless pipes which are highly resistant to leaking, corrosion, and root intrusion, the leading causes of sewer line damage.

Your Yard and Landscaping is Kept Beautiful and the New Sewer Line is Virtually Indestructible

Less Cost. Less Time. Less Headaches. Trenchless sewer line repair is the best way to repair your sewer lines today. If there were a less expensive, faster, and less destructive alternative, why would you ever let a sewer contractor dig up your yard with a backhoe? Keep your landscaping, yard and related structures as beautiful as they were before replacing your sewer pipes.

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If you need trenchless sewer line repairs call X-Pipe Industries, Denver’s trenchless sewer repair and replacement experts! We offer a free estimate and consultation. Our sewer repair plumbers have the experience, training, and licenses necessary to ensure your new sewer line in Denver goes in with no problems and minimal external damage to your home landscaping.


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